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Release Manager Rules & Regulations

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Current release manager

Kaloyan Raev

Term: October 2005 - April 2006

Appointment and length of term

  • A release manager can be appointed by the project leader for a term of six (6) months
  • The release manager can have a maximum of two (2) continuous terms (maximum 12 months continuous).
  • A release manager can be either a single person or a group of persons acting as a single entity.
  • The project leader may appoint himself as a release manager for a term.

Privileges and rights

  • The release manager has the freedom to decide which code, modules, functionalities, scripts, user interface, design, documentation and support information will be included in a particular release during his active term.
  • The release manager may decide to add a suffix to the release version name that may give direct information or credit to him or the group. For example: Care2x deployment 2.3 - Karl Albert.

Obligations and constraints

  • The release manager must produce a release version or products auxillary to a release during his active term.
  • The release version must be approved by a testing group before it is officially released.
  • The approval of the testing group may be active by voting or endorsing the release version publicly (active approval) or
  • The approval of the testing group may be passive by not doing nor saying anything against the release version (approval by default).

Expiration, continuation and termination of term

  • The term will automatically expire after six months if the release manager did not release a package nor any product auxillary to a release during his term. In that case, a new release manager will be appointed by the project leader.
  • If the release manager has produced a release version or auxillary products during his term, he will be given a second term automatically.
  • The second term will expire without extension nor exemption. That release manager will be replaced by a new manager appointed by the project leader. The replaced manager may have a chance to get a new term only after the newly appointed one has been terminated or his term expires.
  • If an overwhelming majority rejects a release package or any product and the release manager does not withdraw it, the project leader will terminate the term, appoint a new release manager and discard the unwanted product(s).

General guidelines on releasing

  • The release manager must:
  1. communicate and report to the project leader
  2. produce a pre-release package of the new version or auxillary product
  3. make it available for download
  4. inform the testing group (and the public in general) of its availability
  5. communicate and cooperate with the testing group
  6. make an official release of a new version or product at the sf.net's download section for Care2x if the testing group approves it or in the absence of objection.
  • Auxillary product may consist of but not limited to:
  1. Documentation
  2. Install instructions
  3. Supporting/help scripts
  4. Internationalization/Language translation packages
  5. Images or diagrams
  6. Data for testing or to populate database
  7. Presentation, audio or video files
  8. CD's
  9. Complete system packages e.g. Xammp or Knoppix-Care2x

Version Numbers